"Provide Professional Engineering services"

To give best value for our customer.

Engineering Service, Blanket Engineering Services

Project Management Service, Technical Manpower Supply.

Successfully completed complex engineering project. 

For oil and gas industry, and also gives solutions to any difficulties or conditions on engineering challenges.

Give the best value
for our customer


We are a sustainable business entity with core business in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Commissioning (EPCIC) of oil, gas facilities and other industries.


The increasing commitment to grow in the Oil and Gas Industry has brought the company to implement the corporate and project quality management system to ensure the effectiveness of performing the company.


Observe good work ethics whilst maintaining mutual respect and commitment in the performance of our duties

Endless Possibilities

Has high commitments towards satisfying the needs of its clients from total engineering design, supply and rental until construction.

Best Quality

To be a world class and preferred Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation , Commissioning (EPCIC) company in oil and gas and other industries.

Powerfull Support

We promote safety quality, reliability, on time delivery and execution within budget as the highest value in our operation.

professional team of engineering

Has more than 15 (fifteen) years of experience services in oil and gas industry. Currently, the operation of the company has highly experienced professionals in various onshore and offshore projects such as develop gas production facility ; gas pipeline ; CNG mini plan ; oil production facility ; oil pipeline and gas wellhead platform

best value for our customer

The company is an Engineering Services that reviews the basic design  requirement and specification from client and also develop detail design to meet the client needs. The Company has successfully completed complex engineering project for oil and gas industry, and also gives solutions to any difficulties or conditions on engineering challenges.